In most homes, only a limited variety of dishes are cooked, so when family members wish to eat something different they would like to go to a restaurant which offers the food they like. In most areas there are a large number of restaurants offering food, some of these restaurants are part of fast food chains, while others are owned by individuals or their families. It is observed that in many areas the family owned restaurant is having far more customers than the other restaurants and some of the reasons why these restaurants are more popular than other types of restaurants is discussed.

Type of dishes and food

One of the reasons why restaurants which are owned and operated by families are popular is that they are offering better quality food than most other restaurants in the area....

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Unlike most of the fast food chains and other restaurants are opening late in the morning, these family restaurants open very early in the morning....

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It is observed that restaurants owned by families often charge far less for similar items compared to fast food chains....

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Type of food and dishes

Some restaurants serve dishes using a secret recipe. Since the reputation of the family is closely linked to the restaurant, they make an effort to ensure that the food is of good quality and conforms to safety norms. The owners will often personally check the food ingredients, like vegetables, fruits, spices which are used for preparing the food. They also alter the ingredients used according to the availability , since many vegetables, spices are available only in some seasons of the year.


Many people have to leave their home early to reach their office or have important appointments far away. These people are often unable to cook anything at home, since it is time consuming, and they would prefer to purchase food from the restaurant. Since family members are often involved in serving the customers, collecting payment

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Customer service

In most businesses, employees will often change their job and this can affect the level of customer service, since new employees have to be trained. In a family owned business, a family member is closely involved at all times, they offer personalized service and ensure that the quality of customer service is consistent.